Press Release: SkyWay Technologies Indonesia urges people to be wary of investment on behalf of SkyWay
March 08, 2018 625

Press Release

Date: March 8, 2018

Letter Number: PR / 2018/03/001

Responding to the news in the online media that broadcasting about Fake Investment List issued by the Financial Services Authority of Republik of Indonesia, where is the name of SkyWay Capital with Indonesian site link is in the list, hereby, We, PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia importantly inform to the following matters:

  1. We greatly appreciate the actions of the Financial Services Authority of the Republic of Indonesia to urge the public to be more aware with the fake investment, which may utilize our SkyWay Technologies or SkyWay Capital platform itself, so in this case we formally state that any online information related to SkyWay Technologies and SkyWay Capital is only through:

SkyWay Technologies Group:

Global Transport Investment, Inc. & RSW SYSTEMS:

Skyway Technologies Co. (Project):

Skyway Tech. Indonesia:

Crowd-Investment Partners:



  1. Legally, we have no direct legal relationship with SkyWay Capital, but SkyWay Capital is an affiliated partner of SkyWay Technologies, Co., a developer of SkyWay Technologies. SkyWay Technologies, Co and PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia have the same holding company, Global Transport Investment, Inc.
  2. As long as we understand, SkyWay Capital is group of companieswhich having main activities in managing investment and online platform provider for investors worldwide who are interested in supporting the development of environmentally friendly transportation technology, SkyWay Technologies. Currently the world community can already see firsthand the results of innovation in the field of environmentally friendly transport infrastructure at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark in Maryna Gorka, Belarus.
  3. The existence of SkyWay Capital is a new breakthrough in the field of transportation infrastructure which can financing the infrastructure project by involving the international community, it is a new hope for human being that the ordinary people not only enjoy the development of transportation infrastructure but also to be the owner of the transportation technology, this is also can be a breakthrough for a Country to finance infrastructure development without dependent on the State Budget, but the community can independently and directly participate to realize better transportation infrastructure.
  4. Investors incorporated in SkyWay Capital widely come from various countries. They (angel investors) who care about this innovation, SkyWay Technologies, directly raise funds through a special platform created and managed by them. The environmental protection campaign for them is not enough to be voiced in seminars, but it needs a concrete form of joint participation to realize the earth-saving, by realizing the "green" transport.
  5. Therefore, we also welcome SkyWay Capital plans that will open the Representative Office in Indonesia along the way PT. SkyWay Technologies develop infrastructure projects in Indonesia. SkyWay Capital Representative Office is in the process of registration at BKPM and the meeting with the Financial Services Authority of the Republic of Indonesia is expected to mark a new chapter for the Indonesian nation to be more inspired and learn together about the crowdfunding model for an independent infrastructure project and involving community participation.
  6. We are fully aware that the absence of the SkyWay Capital Representative Office in Indonesia is now a big question for most potential investors interested in innovation development projects. But because this platform is created and managed specifically to finance innovation projects in Belarus then for the international community who interested in it can only know the information from the internet, except those who directly visit and witness the work of innovation in Belarus. Investment with international crowdfunding model basically very attractive for investors and the governments, but the limitations of our community understanding and the confusing information in cyberspace sometimes lead to the negative conclusions or black campaign against a product itself.
  7. The establishment of PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia in August 2017 was welcomed by all elements of the nation, both from the government (Ministry of Transportation, Association of Regional Regencies, and Bupati-Walikota), National Economic and Industry Committee, academics (Universitas Indonesia, LAPI ITB and Universitas Gadjah Mada), BUMN, National Agency for Research and Application Technology, or private companies in Indonesia. The existence of SkyWay Technologies in Indonesia is now expected to answer the existing transportation problems. In terms of cost, the technology offered is also much more affordable than other modes of transportation. In terms of financing, we are also currently inisiating to create a non-state budget financing scheme (PINA) which in this case we hope that the development of SkyWay transportation infrastructure will not disrupt the state budget and regional budget.
  8. At this moment, for SkyWay Technologies projects in Indonesia, we are initiating the formation of a Cooperative entity for people specifically to support transportation infrastructure projects. With this vehicle we hope the common people which is interested to have better transportation in Indonesia can be real and on the other hand for them also get more benefit from financial side. This initiations are currently consulting with some parties either with government, academia, or civil society such as Golden Village Foundation, Dompet Dhuafa, and Muhammadiyah. The official meetings and signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with various entities is our first step to realize the this hope.
  9. In this process of initiation, several stages have been passed, including the last one we have presented the technology and alternative financing concept in the Meeting of the Industrial Working Group of the Village National Economic and Industrial Committee of the Republic of Indonesia on January 31, 2018.


For this aforementioned, we would like to reiterate briefly that:

  1. Skyway Technologies Indonesia is a different company with Skyway Capital.
  2. Skyway Technologies Indonesia is a company that implements Skyway Technologies in Indonesia and is not an investment company.
  3. Skyway Capital is a partner which uses crowdfunding method as one of the investment fund for the purpose of research and development of SKyWay technology and realizing Skyway EcoTechnoPark development project in Maryna Gorka, Belarus.
  4. Until this news has been made, Skyway Capital is in the process of licensing to open a Representative Office in Indonesia.

We hope that by this statement, the public aware how the position and status of our company, PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia and its relationship with SkyWay Capital and can avoid the scammers or the lure of fake investment on behalf of SkyWay.

Build SkyWay, Save the Planet!

Madinatul Fadhilah

Country Director

PT SkyWay Technologies Indonesia

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1. PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia is a subsidiary company of Global Transport Invesments, Inc. Our main activities is to implement the SkyWay Technologies in Indonesia. We are not investment company. Any concern about the investment matters relate to the crowdfunding for EcoTechnoPark projects please contact SkyWay Capital and the affiliates. Be aware with the fake website or any scam matters.

2. We are preparing special platform for the investment project in Indonesia. Collaborate with the local fintech and venture company. The Project is implemented with the help of ordinary people – future consumers of the innovative transport product. You can participate in our project in Indonesia as soon as we launch the platform which make all of us can be the investor for the connectivity program in Indonesia.

3. Any investment activities relate to the SkyWay Capital is not under our role and responsibility.

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