Press Release : PT Skyway Technologies Indonesia meeting with Financial Services Authority (OJK)
April 03, 2018 1063

Press Release

Date                      : 3 April 2018

No                         : PR/2018/04/001

On April 3, 2018, PT Skyway Technologies Indonesia, represented by Madinatul Fadhilah (Country Director) and Aries Muftie (Commissioner) held a meeting with the Financial Services Authority at the 16th floor of the Somitro Djojohadikusumo Building. The meeting which started at 09.00 WIB (GMT + 7) and lasted for two hours was initiated by the Director of Policy and Investigative Support as the Chairman of Task Force Investigation, Tongam L. Tobing and attended by Deputy Director of OJK Investigation Policies, Ministry of Investment 2A (DPM3) and Directorate of Licensing and Supervision of Financial Technology (DP3F ).

On this meeting, PT Skyway Technologies Indonesia presented business activities, projects as well as clarification related to the relationship between PT Skyway Technologies Indonesia and Skyway Capital which is an international investment management company from the UK that funded Research & Development SkyWay Technologies, in Belarus.

PT Skyway Technologies Indonesia also explained one of the vision and mission of the company is to build a transportation infrastructure which having special financial scheme. With the pride of mutual cooperation that is characteristic of Indonesia, Madina states that our nation is able to become a nation that has a sophisticated transportation infrastructure without burdening the country's keenness with foreign debt or investment. It takes a mature concept that is supported by all stakeholders of this nation to achieve these ideals, in line with the concept which is currently being developed by OJK i.c. DINFRA (Infrastructure Investment Fund).

There should be a new breakthrough in the field of infrastructure financing that makes us an independent nation and not dependent on foreign investment so that our society will get more benefits. With the participation of the community, it is hoped that the development of Indonesia's infrastructure can be better as well as give pride to the people to be able to participate in the development of Indonesia.

Our idea was welcomed by OJK and we deeply appreciate OJK who also provides direction related to legal procedures and recommendation of financing method of Transportation Infrastructure Project in Indonesia. We recognize that it will be a long way to create a sophisticated and self-sustainable transportation infrastructure which requires cooperation from all the stakeholders, including the Central, Regional, State-owned, Private and Community Governments.

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