PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia

“Transport to the better future Indonesia”

PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia is a fully subsidiary company of Global Transport Investments, Inc., which having main activities as a legal entity to prepare the implementation of SkyWay Technologies in Indonesia. It is a sister company of SkyWay Technologies, Co, an engineering company from Republic of Belarus which produce the vast transport solution for urban, cargo, high-speed transport, port-to-port, inter-villages, and inter-islands.

PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia was established in Jakarta, based on the Principle License from Investment Coordinating Board Republic of Indonesia No. 3358/1/IP/PMA/2017 dated August 18th, 2017 and Deed of Establishment No.116 dated 21 August 21st, 2017, and with all the local permits which we already have, now, We are ready to be part of the transport solution in Indonesia. We are ready to be part of connectivity program in Indonesia.

Our mission is to provide the best transport solution for Indonesia connectivity that will radically reduce energy and transportation costs, time, requiring to reconsider conventional transportation of people and cargo, to raise affordability of transport and reduce net cost of goods and services, time, requiring completely different comfort of travel and completely different speeds.

Our Goal

Supporting the Government to achieve the national connectivity program by establishing the basic facilities and infrastructure transportation for passenger and cargo;

Promoting social activity of people, offering them the opportunity to travel at higher speed, comfort and safety.

Providing the funding partners for the SkyWay Technologies implementation in Indonesia;

Raising social standard of living, improving the environment;

Raising safety and reducing injuries in transport, saving millions of people from death on the roads, preventing the emergence of millions of invalids and cripples;

Increasing people's productivity and competitiveness in the international market so that Indonesia as a nation can headmost and rise up with other Asian nations

Anatoly Yunitskiy

Chairman of the Board

Our team

The General designer of innovative SkyWay technologies and string transport Anatoly Yunitskiy is a scientist and inventor, author of over 200 scientific works, 18 monographs and above 150 inventions in the fields of construction, transport, machine building, electronic and chemical industries. The creator of the SkyWay and geo-space transportation systems, as well as a number of transport and infrastructure projects based on string technologies. Director of two projects from the United Nations, a member of the USSR Federation of cosmonautics. The President of the SkyWay Group of Companies. The General designer of SkyWay Technologies Co.

The innovative transport technology started its development over 38 years ago, when Anatoly Yunitskiy decided to optimize the transport system making it affordable, efficient and safe. During this period, the SkyWay technology has evolved from the stage of an engineering idea to the stage of practical development.

The practical implementation of SkyWay transport systems is done by a team of the the engineering Company SkyWay Technologies Co. with headquarters in Minsk, Belarus.

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1. PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia is a subsidiary company of Global Transport Invesments, Inc. Our main activities is to implement the SkyWay Technologies in Indonesia. We are not investment company. Any concern about the investment matters relate to the crowdfunding for EcoTechnoPark projects please contact SkyWay Capital and the affiliates. Be aware with the fake website or any scam matters.

2. We are preparing special platform for the investment project in Indonesia. Collaborate with the local fintech and venture company. The Project is implemented with the help of ordinary people – future consumers of the innovative transport product. You can participate in our project in Indonesia as soon as we launch the platform which make all of us can be the investor for the connectivity program in Indonesia.

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